You can create a support ticket using the contact section in the game or send a support e-mail to

Your player profile includes all your game progress, items you have acquired for free or purchased, and your friend list. Please remember that if you decide to delete your account, this information will be irreversibly lost. If you proceed with deletion, you will lose your progress, your friend list, and any items you have obtained for free or purchased in our games. Should you decide to return in the future, remember that this means you will be starting from the beginning.

For continue with your request, you need to log into the game. If you do not have a registered account, this means we do not store your personal account; therefore, you can delete the application from your device.

If you wish to delete your player account and you are currently using a mobile phone, you should go to the "Settings" menu within the game. You can make a request to us by using the "Delete My Account" button found in the "Settings" menu (available only on mobile).

If you wish to delete your player account and you are currently using a desktop or laptop computer, you can go to the "Privacy & Terms" at the bottom of the game's page and then review the "Your Rights & How You Can Access, Update, and Manage Your Personal Information" section, or you can send a request via the channel.

As soon as we receive your request, we will proceed with the deletion of all your player information from our records.

To read Digitoy's Privacy Policy, please click this link:

To read Digitoy's Terms Of Service, please click this link: